Clitocybe gray.

Clitocybe gray grows in light coniferous forests on the fringes in August-September. The cap is gray, fleshy, flat-smooth, steel gray or gray sooty color, the edge of the lighter. The flesh is white, dense. The stem is thick, firm, grayish. Has the smell of wheat flour. Use fresh (roasted and boiled).

White truffle.

White truffle found in the central strip of the forest zone of European part of Russia. Growing under the ground in loose, calcareous, moderately moist soil. On the surface, appears rarely. Fruit body resembles a potato of medium size. The surface is smooth, greyish-white, later light brown. In the context of the flesh is white, later greyish-yellow, fragrant, filled with dark wavy lines. Truffle fried and boiled. Especially tasty are these mushrooms in sauces and seasonings.  AN3M779YXJD2